Parents Guidance for Re-opening of TJ's Gymnastics Club

COVID -19 MEASURES IN PLACE FOR THE RE-OPENING OF TJ’S GYMNASTICS CLUB 1 No one should attend a class if the ch...

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Term dates

Spring 2021 Timetable, (Covid)

Latest time table and costs.

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Gymnastics Club Wimbledon

Gymnastic Classes - age 5 and over

All those attending our classes for those over the age of 5 have moved up into the Gymnastics classes from our pre-school programme.  

Sadly, as every July we have another batch of Pre-school children needing an after school class in Sept, we cannot offer these classes to anyone who has not attended our Mini Gym classes in the Summer term before starting Reception. Our classes are popular, our venue is small and we cannot run enough classes after school time to cater for the demand for the age range 5-16yrs!

In the Gymnastics classes we run a programme based around floor and vault skills.  We use the British Gymnastics 8-1 badge scheme, and perform an end of term routine at the end of each term.

Photos of our Gymnastic Club

  • Toddler Gym Wimbledon
  • Toddler Gym Wimbledon
  • Toddler Gym Wimbledon

Our Coaches

Gymnastic Coach

All classes are coached by enthusiastic individuals who have a love of both gymnastics and children. 

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