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Toddler Gym Wimbledon
Toddler Gym

In the Toddler Gym the parents/guardians participate and take an active role in the class.

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Mini Gym Class Wimbledon
Mini Gym

In the Mini-Gym classes we use music, climbing, rolling, slides, jumping and soft play equipment.

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Mini Gym Club Wimbledon

Our Coaches

A - Gillian Humby

Gill is the General Manager of T.J's Gymnastics Club, Wimbledon. Her involvement in gymnastics began in childhood, progressed to coaching and, after graduating in 1988 with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Studies, she began coaching as a career. TJ’s opened in September 1988 and in Sept 2018 celebrated it’s 30th Birthday. Gill holds both her Gymnastics and Pre-school Club Coach Level 3 coaching certificates required by the British Gymnastics Association to run classes. Gill is married to Chris and has two sons, Max will be 20 in Jan ‘20 and Samuel will be 17 in Sept ‘19. In August 2012 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, so had to take a year out of coaching for the treatment, but returned back to coaching in Sept 2013. Now it's all a distant memory and enjoying being back to her old self! She heads the Pre-school Programme.

B - Natalie Garlick

Natalie has also been involved in gymnastics since childhood, was coached by Gill as a teenager and then, as a young adult she began to assist coaching at TJ’s. She has been working at T.J’s since 1997, gaining her Level 3 qualifications in General and Pre-school Club Coach. Natalie is married to Paul, their eldest, Jack, will be 14 in July '19 and Lucy was 12 in March ‘19. Natalie heads the General Gymnastic programme, being the lead coach in the competitions we enter and the display team and is our Special Needs Co-Ordinator. She opened the 'Tiddlers' class in 2010 and holds the Fun4Baby certificate.

C - Kate Harding

Kate has been working full time at TJ’s Gym Club since Sept 2007. She has, however, been involved in the Club for 17 years as she was one of our first to attend our ‘Invitation Only’ classes. She also holds her Level 3 in Pre-School and General Gymnastics. She is a fantastic assistant to Natalie and Gill.

D - Alex Perrin

E - Katie McCormack

Katie first attended TJ's as a parent with her 3 girls. She has a background in ballet and is a keen runner and casual tennis player. She has been coaching the Mini Gym classes since 2010 and holds a Level One Pre School Coaching qualification. She is also the Welfare Officer for TJ's Gym Club. Please do call her if you have any issues that you would rather speak to Katie regarding rather than directly to your child's coach. 0208 544 1316

F - Ali Cuffe

Ali coached with Gill in the 1990's and between them set up TJ's squad classes. Ali moved from regular training (up to 20 hrs a week!), competing in the British Championship into coaching. Aged 25 she then decided to stop coaching to pursue a different career. She married Chris and has 3 boys and has recently decided to return to coaching. It is great to have Ali back on the TJ's Coaching Staff!!

G - Jade Shaw

H - Nicole Dickie

I - Alice McCormack

J - Niamh McCormack

K - Joe Kelly