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Toddler Gym Wimbledon
Toddler Gym

In the Toddler Gym the parents/guardians participate and take an active role in the class.

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Mini Gym Class Wimbledon
Mini Gym

In the Mini Gym classes we use music, climbing, rolling, slides, jumping and soft play equipment.

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Mini Gym Club Wimbledon

History of TJ Gymnastics Club

TJ's opened in September 1988. Gill Humby was leaving Roehampton University with a BSc in Sports Studies, wondering what employment she could find. Tricia and Joanna wrote an open letter to the Sports Department looking for a Gymnastics coach to run the children's gym club they wanted to open using the hall they rented for Aerobic classes. Gill gave them a call and TJ's was born!

Whilst today we still use the same venue, quite a bit has changed since the early days. For a number of years Gill ran TJ's alone, but as the club became more popular and numbers increased it was clear more coaches and classes would be required and the timetable and staff have increased accordingly. However, today TJ's still prides itself in creating a child friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Every child and their enjoyment of gymnastics and sport is important to us, regardless of gymnastics ability. This philosophy comes straight from Gill's own childhood experience. She loved gymnastics but was not particularly good at it! Back flipping on the floor was a little scary and as for the beam, well, that was just silly!! But upside down was a good feeling!

Gill married Chris in October 1998 and they have two boys Max and Samuel. In 2005 they moved from Morden to Elstead in Surrey. Both Max and Samuel attended TJ's so Gill has been both coach and parent in the classes.

Gill is very proud of TJ's. It is small, friendly and caring club and one of her greatest achievements has been to see some of the first children she taught grow from childhood to adulthood continuing their involvement and commitment to TJ's. These include Natalie Garlick, Kate Harding, Emily Martin, Becky Spencer, Phillipa Barker Rachel and Hannah Reiss!

  • Toddler Gym Wimbledon

    Max on Beam 2004

  • Toddler Gym Wimbledon

    Naomi on Bar 1994

  • Toddler Gym Wimbledon

    TJ's twentieth birthday party

  • Toddler Gym Wimbledon

    Gill receiving Gym Mark plaque Sept 08

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Gymnastic Coach

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Parents Guidance for Re-opening of TJ's Gymnastics Club

COVID -19 MEASURES IN PLACE FOR THE RE-OPENING OF TJ’S GYMNASTICS CLUB 1 No one should attend a class if the ch...

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Spring 2021 Timetable, (Covid)

Latest time table and costs.

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