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Toddler Gym Wimbledon
Toddler Gym

In the Toddler Gym the parents/guardians participate and take an active role in the class.

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Mini Gym Class Wimbledon
Mini Gym

In the Mini Gym classes we use music, climbing, rolling, slides, jumping and soft play equipment.

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Mini Gym Club Wimbledon


Parents Guidance for Re-opening of TJ's Gymnastics Club



1 No one should attend a class if the child or parent/carer is showing any COVID 19 symptoms: fever, cough, sneezing, loss of taste or smell. This applies to staff members too. By attending TJ’s you are agreeing with our Covid-19 Policies.

2 No one shall enter the building until a staff member says it is safe to do so. When waiting outside we request you observe 1m+ social distancing from other members. Entry via pedestrian gate, exit via double gates. No parking except staff cars on hard standing.

3 Where possible please ensure your child arrives dressed appropriately for the class rather than changing on arrival.

4 No adults will be able to come into the hall, exception being is if you really need to use the toilets! We are very limited on the numbers of people allowed inside at any one time.

5 On entry all will use the hand sanitiser, place their shoes and other items on a triangle marker at the side of the matted area and then move to sit on a circle spot to wait for the start of the class.

6. Class and staff numbers have been reduced, in the Mini Gym we will have 12 children and 3 coaches, 4 children to a group. In the Gym classes we will have 10 children, 5 in a group, and 3 coaches.

7. During the class we will observe social distancing as best we can However, safety of your child is our priority and if we think it necessary, we will assist and physically support your child

8. All children and staff will use sanitizer at the start of each rotation.

9. At the end of each class the children will move back to their triangle spot and then a coach will call the children one by one to the door to be reunited with their parent/carer.

10 All after school classes will be split into two groups and children will attend every other week.

11 All class times have been reduced to allow for social distancing and for cleaning of equipment.

12 All wipeable equipment will be cleaned at the end of each class. If a child sneezes or coughs any surrounding area will be cleaned ASAP. The mats will be cleaned at the end of each day.

13 Only one child may use the toilet facilities at a time.

14 We request that you arrive on time for the start and end of your child’s class and leave quickly.

15 If the social distancing rule is revised, we will revise our measures accordingly.

16 Should anyone show Covid 19 symptoms after having attended at class at TJ’s Gymnastics Club, you must report it to Gill Holland. All members of the class will be informed. Should anyone be tested as positive for Covid 19 all members of the class will be informed and requested to self isolate for 14 days.

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